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Apple TV+ may get new NFL Plus service together with Sunday Ticket

The NFL is launching a new NFL Plus streaming service, which may ultimately go to Apple TV+ if Apple's bid to buy Sunday Ticket succeeds.

Alongside its existing sports service, Apple has been negotiating to buy the rights to the NFL's Sunday Ticket — and some reports say it already has. Separately, a new report says that the NFL is to go ahead with the creation of its own streaming service.

According to Sports Business Journal, reports from the NFL owners meeting in Atlanta say that, "NFL Plus" is expected to launch in July. Currently it's planned to be a $5 per month service, but the publication's unnamed sources say that may change.

NFL Plus would be the streaming service of NFL Media, and currently there are talks with multiple companies over selling an equity stake in that firm. Apple and Amazon are said to be the main contenders, but if any streamer does buy a stake, it's possible that they will then get NFL Plus as well.

Sports Business Journal, however, says that if NFL Plus does not get subsumed into another streamer, it will still be providing the NFL with new data about its audience.