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Twitter hashflag for WWDC 2022 goes live

The Apple Twitter hashflag for WWDC 2022

The Twitter hashflag for Apple's 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference is now live with only five days left before the event.

Apple has used the custom Twitter feature for its live events since the September 2020 keynote. As of Wednesday afternoon, the tag for WWDC 2022 is live.

The hashflag appears when a Twitter user tweets with the #WWDC22 tag. It appends a Swift logo circled by a rainbow of colors viewable by anyone using the official Twitter client.

The annual Worldwide Developer Conference is an event where Apple showcases its upcoming operating system updates to developers. Apple is expected to announce things like iOS 16, macOS 13, and possibly some hardware like the Apple AR headset.

Along with the Twitter hashtag feature, Apple is also marketing their upcoming event with augmented reality cards.

Despite being a developer-focused event, Apple promotes WWDC to any consumer interested in learning what's next for their Apple products. Those interested in the event can watch the keynote on Monday, June 6 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time via the Apple TV app, YouTube, or Apple's website.