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Apple TV+ grows to 1.57 million UK households

Figures from ratings firm BARB say that Apple TV+ is now available in 1.57 million UK households, meaning a growth of 27% over the last quarter.

As Apple Music, and other music streaming services, lose subscribers in the UK, Apple TV+ has been gaining them. Apple does not release any official figures, but BARB, the UK's equivalent of the Nielsens' rating service, has calculated the rise.

According to a report on Wednesday from Variety, overall, the UK's streaming services added 500,000 households in Q1 2022. This means 19.57 million UK homes, or 68.5% of all households, have at least one streaming service.

Apple's rise was the second highest in the quarter, with Disney+ coming in first. That service rose 19% to 6.53 million homes, while Amazon Prime grew 6% to 13.25 million homes. Netflix grew 3% to 17.29 million homes.

In total, BARB reported on five streaming services, but the UK has just gained a sixth. Paramount+ began streaming in the UK on June 21.