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Beats partners with graffiti artist Futura on special edition Beats Studio Buds

Beats x Futura headphones

Apple's Beats by Dre subsidiary has partnered with legendary graffiti artist Futura on a limited-edition pair of the company's Beats Studio Buds.

The Beats brand collaborated with Futura Laboratories, Futura's design studio and brand platform, on the limited edition variant. Each Beats Studio Bud will be adorned with Futura's signature atom motif in yellow, red, and white. That design will also appear on the black Beats Studio Buds case itself.

The special edition Beats Studio Buds will go on sale on the Futura Laboratories website on Saturday, July 30. They'll also be available on the End Clothing website and through the WeChats Beats Storefront.

"Music has always been a necessity in my creative space, but music on my Beats Studio Buds take me to an entirely isolated inner space," Futura wrote.

Along with collaborating on the new headphones, Futura has also worked on a curated playlist that's now live on Apple Music.

Futura is a legendary graffiti and street artist who has been active since the 1970s. He is known for his abstract designs, as well as working as an album cover illustrator and graphic designer for well-known bands such as The Clash.

This is the second Beats by Dre partnership announced in July. Earlier in the month, the Beats brand released another limited-edition version of the Beats Studio Buds with esports streamer and professional Nickmercs.