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Kuo cautiously predicts January 2023 Apple VR launch

AppleInsider render of the Apple VR headset using augmented reality

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has renewed his previous claim that Apple may announce its VR headset in early 2023.

Kuo has previously vacillated between saying the Apple AR headset will be announced in January 2023 and that it will slip to the second quarter of 2023. Now, however, his latest report says January, but isn't clear whether this is the result of new information from the supply chain.

Since March 2022, Kuo has been chiefly writing reports via Twitter and Medium blog posts. This tweeted screengrab of his previously more familiar investor reports was posted to refute a claim that he was no longer employed writing investment reports.

Perhaps consequently, the embedded report is a primer on Apple's next months. So it has little beyond the date, and what appears to be reasoned extrapolation rather than information from the supply chain.

"Apple may announce the AR/MR headset as soon as January 2023," he writes. "It's expected that user scenarios, software/service/development ecosystem, and hardware specification details will be the three key points of the announcement."

"The market expects Apple AR/MR headsets to be priced at $2,000-$2,500 or higher," he continues, "and believes it will affect shipments."

That supposition that a high price will mean fewer sales is typical of this particular Kuo backgrounder description of the market. He similarly predicts that if Apple's media event goes well, investors will be more confident that the product will succeed.

Separately, AppleInsider has produced an AR rendering of what Apple's headset is expected to look like.