Apple Store goes down ahead of expected iPad launch

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Apple has taken down its online store in advance of a refresh that is expected to include a new M2 iPad Pro.

As it always does ahead of a major launch, Apple has replaced its whole online store with a "Be right back" notice. It went down at approximately 8 a.m. Eastern, and rumors suggest that there will be a press release announcement, and the resumption of the store, at 9 a.m. Eastern.

Apple has of course not revealed what it is going to release, but persistent rumors say that it will be a revamped iPad Pro featuring the new M2 processor.

It's believed that the processor will make the new iPad Pro around 20% faster than the current M1 model.

Separately, it's also been rumored that a new M2 iPad Pro may feature MagSafe charging, perhaps hew smart connectors, and also mini-LED backlighting in the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Ahead of the expected launch, a 2022 iPad case was seemingly revealed at a Target store. As well as being apparently for an as-yet unreleased iPad, the case packaging claimed support for the Apple Pencil second generation.

That would support previous rumors of the regular, base iPad getting a redesign to match the flat sides of the iPad Pro range, as the Pencil snaps to the side for charging.