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Queen of Christmas bails out of Apple TV+, lands on CBS

Apple TV+ will not be showing a third Mariah Carey Christmas Special this December, as the star has jumped ship to CBS and Paramount+.

Apple's first Mariah Carey Christmas special in 2020 was an enormous success for the streamer. Reportedly topping viewing charts in over 100 countries, it was said to cost around $5 million to make.

It was enough of a success that Apple was not only keen to have a second Carey special for Christmas 2021, it was willing to increase the budget, too.

There just won't be a third instalment. Instead "Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to All!" will air on December 20, 2022, on CBS. It will also be available to stream live, and later on demand, on Paramount+.

According to Deadline, there will then be further opportunities to watch the special via MTV.

It's the airing on CBS that is significant, though. Despite Oprah Winfrey's famous explanation that she wanted to join Apple TV+ to be in "a billion pockets, y'all," there is still something traditionally Christmas about being on network television.

And this move to CBS continues what's become Carey's tour of networks and streamers. Her first Christmas special was on ABC in 2010, then she was a guest on NBC's 2013 Michael Buble special.

Carey next appeared in both a Christmas movie and a music special for the Hallmark Channel in 2015. In 2016, she co-starred in a Christmas special on what was YouTube Red.

Neither Apple nor Carey's representatives have commented on her moving to CBS.