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iOS 16.3 now available with support for new HomePod, security keys

iOS 16.3 is now available

Apple has released iOS 16.3, bringing support for the newly-announced HomePod and physical security keys used for two-factor authentication.

Following a beta period that started on December 14, the update for iOS 16.3 is now downloadable to iPhone. It doesn't appear to have many user-facing updates, though it ensures compatibility with the new HomePod and its features.

The update includes support for hardware security keys, such as those from Yubico, that can be used for two-factor authentication for an Apple ID. Those with a notable public presence will benefit from the feature, such as journalists, celebrities, and politicians.

Advanced Data Protection has now launched globally. Users who wish to activate the iCloud security feature outside of the United States will need to ensure every device on their Apple ID is running iOS 16.3.

The larger set of updates for this release cycle are focused on HomePod. Users will be able to see the temperature and humidity sensors found in the new HomePod and HomePod mini within the Home app.

How to install iOS 16.3 on the iPhone

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select General.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Select "Update to iOS 16.3."

If an iPhone is set to automatically update, it will handle downloading and installing iOS 16.3 on the user's behalf.