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20.5-inch MacBook Pro with foldable display rumored for 2025, no folding iPad in 2024

A folding-display notebook may release before a folding iPhone

Rumors continue to collide over how Apple will roll out a foldable product, with the latest from Ross Young suggesting a folding-display 20.5-inch MacBook Pro is in the works for 2025.

The supply chain seems to be in flux as multiple conflicting reports have come in from reliable leakers. Initial rumors suggested a foldable iPad was coming in 2024, but that has since been challenged.

Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants shared that he's heard about a 20.5-inch foldable notebook for 2025, but not heard anything about a foldable iPad for 2024. This was a tweet response to Gurman's comment on foldables.

The two agree that Apple isn't planning on releasing a folding iPad mini in 2024, which is in direct contrast to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's earlier report. However, Young takes it a step further, suggesting a larger device was due in 2025.

Apple has been granted patents for a large folding-display laptop like the one Young mentions, so the company is definitely working on such a product. However, rumors have been all over the place about if, when, and how Apple will enter the foldable market.

Of course, there's always the option that Apple never releases a folding product. Samsung's latest quarter delivered its lowest profit in 8 years, and it's primary advertising push has been all about foldables and how Apple doesn't have one.