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iPhone 15 OLED display chips might get an upgrade

iPhone 15 could get more efficient OLED display

A report says the OLED display driver chip in iPhone 15 could be getting an efficiency upgrade thanks to shifting from a 40nm to a 28nm process.

Apple's custom processors like the M2 are built on the 5nm process, but it is easy to forget there are several other chips in use across devices built on different processes. The OLED display, for example, requires its own driver chip.

A report from Economic Daily News says Apple will be moving the OLED display driver chip in the iPhone 15 from 40nm to 28nm. This process jump should yield more energy-efficient displays. However, it isn't clear exactly how much this might benefit the overall device battery life.

The report states that the process shift is occurring right as select manufacturers, like LX Semicon and Samsung System LSI, are migrating their chip process. Apple is likely looking to take advantage of the new production lines while also inadvertently pushing its other suppliers to the new process faster.

Rumors suggest the entire iPhone 15 lineup will have OLED displays with pill-and-hole cutouts for the selfie camera and Face ID components. While the displays themselves may not be altered in size or functionality for the new generation, a new driver chip could mean more overall power efficiency.