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iPhone 15 glass leak shows Dynamic Island and curved bezels on all models

iPhone 14 Pro display

A video claims to show the new front glass for the iPhone 15 generation, with the Dynamic Island and curved bezels apparently on the way for 2023.

Rumors about the iPhone 15 have, so far, consisted of the addition of a slight curve to the bezel on the front of the iPhone 15 family, and an expansion of the Dynamic Island feature across all models of the generation. In a video leak, it seems that the two features could actually be on the way.

A video shared by "ShrimpApplePro" shows a trio of glass sheets held in a hand. All three look fairly similar, with curved corners, the elements of the Dynamic Island at the top, and it appears at least two different sizes of glass. This last point indicates they at least would be comparable to the glass used in the two different sizes of iPhone 14 Pro.

According to the leaker, the video shows glass used for the "iPhone 15 series," which they were able to authenticate as real from their source,. The leaker also refers to a second video located on Bilibili for the same components.

In follow-up replies to the tweet, the leaker clarifies what is shown in the video as being both for the Pro models and the normal version, specifying "Vanilla got it as well." The glass also features a rumored curve, which apparently starts "half way in the bezels."

"ShrimpApplePro" has a reasonably good leak history, including predictions about the Apple Watch Series 8 design. They were also the first to propose a new enclosure design with more curved edges for the iPhone 15 generation was on the way, back in November.