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Wireless Apple CarPlay now available in Lucid Air

Wireless CarPlay now in Lucid Air

The Lucid Air electric vehicle has been updated with support for wireless Apple CarPlay.

Wireless CarPlay was introduced in 2015, but the rollout to manufacturers has been slow. Customers have had to purchase brand-new vehicles or install aftermarket options to get the feature.

On Thursday, Lucid Motors announced that support for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is now standard on every Lucid Air. It integrates with the Glass Cockpit display and uses touchscreen controls.

CarPlay is an in-vehicle software solution that brings information from a user's iPhone onto an infotainment display. Most vehicles available today only offer wired CarPlay, but wireless is slowly becoming more common with time.

Users can invoke Siri, make calls, check their Calendar, or view Apple Maps directions from the display. It is built to reduce distractions for drivers while providing a limited UI for simple interactions.

Apple is working on an updated version of CarPlay that will be able to take advantage of Lucid's multiple displays. No official announcement has been made, but the Lucid Air would be a prime candidate for the feature.

The Lucid Air is a luxury electric vehicle that starts at $87,400. Interested customers can place a reservation for back ordered models starting at $300 — even with Apple Pay.