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Apple unveils 'Big Beasts' nature series for Earth Day

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Ahead of Earth Day on April 22, 2023, Apple TV+ has announced a new series featuring "nature's most captivating giants," and narrated by Tom Hiddleston.

In 2022, Apple marked Earth Day with a slew of apps, podcasts, and walks in the Fitness app. For 2023, it's starting celebrations with the release of this nature documentary.

"[Filmed] over two years, the series takes audiences on an epic journey around the globe," says Apple in a statement, "from freezing poles to tropical rainforests, to meet nature's most captivating giants."

"'Big Beasts' features some of the world's most massive species filmed across 17 countries," continues Apple, "including the gray whale, the elephant seal, the giant otter, the gorilla, the hippo, the brown bear, the ostrich, the orangutan, the tiger and the polar bear."

"Viewers will see that it's not easy being big," says Apple. "[The] larger the animal, the greater the challenges they face — as the series captures rare and first-ever footage using specialized equipment and next-generation filming techniques."

"Big Beasts" will stream on Apple TV+ from April 21, 2023. Two new episodes will premier every Friday until May 19, 2023.