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Your iPhone's Wallet app could soon be your employee badge

An iPhone used to unlock a door

After debuting the use of Apple Wallet as an employee ID in some offices in the World Trade Center, HID Global is rolling out the same technology to other companies.

The Apple Wallet can be used to store more than credit and debit cards, with it able to be used to hold hotel keys, boarding passes, and CarKey, among other items, Now, in a video teased on Twitter, a security company is enabling firms to put their employee badges into the Apple Wallet.

Posted to social media on Monday, the brief video by HID Global introduced Employee Badge compatibiluty in Apple Wallet. Using a card stored on an iPhone or Apple Watch, Apple's hardware acts as a digital version of the pass for wireless NFC-RFID system.

The system appears to apply in many situations, such as smart lock systems, to access computers, to open security doors and elevators, and to access documents about to be printed.

The video also mentions that the system doesn't necessarily require a full charge on an iPhone. Using Power Reserve mode, the iPhone can still be used to grant access when there's not enough charge to actually use the iPhone normally.

HID has yet to advise on pricing, compatibility, or availability for Apple Wallet support, but it's not the first time the system has been announced by the company. In February 2022, HID Global worked with Apple and SwiftConnect to enable Silverstein Property employees and tenants to access spaces in the World Trade Center buildings.