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Beats headset referenced in macOS 13.4 RC beta

Beats Solo Pro

Apple subsidiary Beats may be preparing the launch of headphones in the near future after the macOS beta offered hints about what could be called the "Beats Studio Pro."

Code leaks from March led to the discovery that Beats will be updating the Beats Studio Buds, and it seems the same thing has happened again. This time, it deals with what could be a headset from Beats.

According to Twitter user @Aaronp613 of Havoc Repro, Tuesday's release candidate of macOS 13.4 includes a reference to a "Beats Headset." The beta mentions a model number, A2924.

The tweeter claims the reference is for the Beats Studio Pro.

Few details are known about the headset, but the best guess is that it could be a follow-up to the Beats Studio3 Wireless, a headset that provides noise cancellation and uses Apple's W1 chip. It may also resemble the Beats Solo Pro, which also offered ANC.

The leaker also offered a quartet of images for the new headset, and offered that it will be easy for users to change modes. Pressing twice on the system button will apparently cycle between ANC and Transparency modes.

The appearance in the beta could indicate they are soon to launch, as Apple often includes support for yet-to-ship hardware into its products ahead of their release. Given the previous leaking of Beats Studio Buds+ with a release date of May 18, it seems plausible that a new Beats headset could arrive at around the same time.