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Apple's headset could be a cash cow for VR market investors, says Ming-Chi Kuo

A render of a potential Apple headset [AppleInsider]

Apple's mixed-reality headset announcement at WWDC will give a boost to not just Apple's supply chain, but the entire VR market, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo insists.

Rumors and speculation have hyped the Apple VR and AR headset as an almost sure thing for WWDC in June. Following an earlier doubting of whether it will make an appearance, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is now back on board with it actually happening.

In a Medium post on Monday, Kuo believes it is "highly likely" that Apple will make its headset announcement at WWDC. "I think Apple is well prepared for the announcement of this new device," Kuo proposes.

While good for Apple, the announcement should also bode well for supply chain members who may see share prices rise.

Aside from Luxshare's assembly of the headset, Kuo posits that the Sony-exclusive micro OLED displays, TSMC-exclusive dual processors, Everwin Precision-supplied casing, Cowell-exclusive camera modules, and the Goretek-exclusive external power supply will be the "top 5 most expensive material costs" for the device.

Kuo adds that Cowell should be the largest beneficiary in terms of revenue and profit contribution to suppliers, due to it having the "smallest revenue size."

If the announcement goes "better than expected," Kuo insists headsets will "soon become the most important new investment trend in the consumer electronics sector."

In early April, Kuo proposed that Apple's headset is "likely the last hope for convincing investors that the AR/MR headset device could have a chance to be the next star product in consumer electronics."

While Kuo offers positivity, a report from Saturday claimed that Apple is "already anticipating some production issues" and that "manufacturing delays" is pushing mass production into September.