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Cryptic tease may suggest imminent 'No Man's Sky' launch on Mac

'No Man's Sky' is coming to Mac

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games and creator of "No Man's Sky," may have revealed the game's imminent Mac launch, or given the proximity to WWDC, an Apple VR Headset release.

It's no secret that "No Man's Sky" is coming to Apple Silicon Macs. The game was teased during WWDC in 2022 alongside "Resident Evil: Village" to promote Apple's new Metal 3 API.

While "Resident Evil Village" launched in October 2022, there hasn't been any word about "No Man's Sky," at least until Monday.

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games and creator of "No Man's Sky," tweeted out an Apple emoji. That tweet was quoted by Hello Games with a green apple emoji.

Of course, this should be interpreted simply that "No Man's Sky" is finally launching on Mac. That launch could take place during WWDC and be one of Apple's "available now" moments during the keynote.

However, Apple isn't just announcing software during WWDC, at least according to rumors. So speculation has already amped up over these emojis.

If Apple does reveal its long-awaited Apple VR Headset doing the keynote — "No Man's Sky" could be announced as a launch title.

That isn't too far of a stretch, given that the game already runs in VR on other platforms like PSVR and Windows. If Apple is pushing VR gaming as hard as rumors suggest, it will need titles to share at launch.

At the least, "No Man's Sky" is coming to Mac. Murray has been known to tease things on Twitter before announcing them, and a second tweet of a green Apple emoji could mean anything.

Perhaps, Murray and Hello Games are just pulling our collective leg, and they are just sharing their love of Apple emojis. The WWDC keynote is on June 5, so we don't have long to wait and find out.