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India says Foxconn's new iPhone plant will open in April 2024

A Foxconn facility

The Indian government has announced that it will release land to Foxconn in the southern India state of Karnataka, which will create 50,000 jobs when the planned iPhone plant opens.

Two months after formally approving Foxconn's plans for a new factory in Bengaluru, the Karnataka state government says manufacturing will start in April 2024.

According to Reuters, the government says that land for the factory will be handed over to Foxconn by July 1, 2023. Officials said that the project will create around 50,000 jobs, and was valued at $1.6 billion.

While the government says that it is now handing over the land to Foxconn, previous reports say the company has already paid $37 million for the 13 million-square-foot plot.

Foxconn has not yet commented on the announcement. However, this is the same project that the iPhone manufacturer was previously revealed to be investing $700 million in the region, and to create up to 100,000 jobs.

Karnataka was the first Indian state to bow to lobbying pressure from Foxconn and Apple over labor laws. Now factories are allowed to run two 12-hour shifts a day, meaning it can be operated continuously.