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Final Cut Pro said to be available for Apple Vision Pro at launch

Final Cut Pro running on a Mac screen on the Apple Vision Pro

According to YouTuber and filmmaker Matti Haapoja, Final Cut Pro will be available for the Apple Vision Pro at launch — but it's not clear exactly how.

On Monday, Apple announced Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset that marks Apple's official entrance into the AR/VR market. One of the largest selling features is the ability to work in a virtual space with a series of digital "monitors."

The announcement profiled a number of apps, including Mail, TV, Safari, and Freeform. However, according to Matti Haapoja, Final Cut Pro will also be available for Vision Pro — at launch.

It's currently unclear how this would be accomplished. During Monday's presentation, a video showed a creative working on Final Cut Pro via a Mac window.

However, it is possible that the Vision Pro could use the iPadOS version of Final Cut Pro, or perhaps even a standalone version designed specifically for the device.

In May, Apple released Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPad. Users are able to purchase a subscription to either app for $4.99 per month or $49 per year.