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Future Apple monitor could act as smart home display

Apple Studio Display

Apple's future external display may have it pulling double duty when the Mac is off, with claims it could also be used as a smart home display.

Apple's lineup of external Mac displays is impressive, with the Apple Studio Display and Pro Display XDR offering great picture quality when paired with a Mac or MacBook. However, Apple is looking into ways to employ the monitor when it's not actively being used with a Mac.

As part of the "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg on Sunday, Mark Gurman claims Apple is working on multiple new monitors, and that one would also function as a smart home display when the Mac is idle.

That display would echo the Studio Display in running on an A13 chip, but instead of just powering audio and camera features, the chip could enable the display to be an independent device. In a low-power mode, the screen could show useful information as if its a smart home display, such as notifications or the weather.

The concept isn't entirely new, as Apple is trialing something similar with the StandBy feature of iOS 17. However, its use on a Mac display could offer a lot more information than the small screen of the iPhone could display.

Gurman reckons that Apple's still a fair way off from offering a smart monitor to the public, with a release in 2024 "at the earliest."