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Apple TV+ shows may have been filmed for Apple Vision Pro all along

This might be the camera used for Apple Vision Pro Apple TV+ content

A new image said to be from behind the scenes of an undisclosed Apple TV+ show purportedly shows a VR camera rig used to film the show for the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The camera shown in a Tweet by David Altizer on Twitter isn't immediately identifiable. Allegedly, it has been in use to shoot "180 [degree] VR" for Apple TV+. If true, this would make it widely compatible with how Apple Vision Pro presents VR experiences.

Most VR camera rigs that we've seen and have experience with have protruding optics for myriad reasons. It's unclear if the two lenses on the camera shown are retracted, or the rig is used as-is.

Given that we already know that the technologies for Apple Vision Pro have been in development for eight years, the claim makes some level of sense. Cameras capable of shooting 3D and VR content for modern televisions and later VR headsets have been widely available since 2010.

The Apple TV+ service debuted on November 1, 2019. It seems reasonable that the company was forward-thinking in media it produced.

However, VR thrown into the mix adds to the cost, complexity, and production time of media. And, this discounts the willingness of a producer and director to shoot in 3D or VR.

It seems less likely that content Apple purchased for Apple TV+ would have been shot with the technology shown. And, Apple hasn't yet been clear about best practices for media intended for the headset, or how it should be captured by the film industry.

At present, there's no way to verify the provenance of the images. Also not verifiable is if the image was actually shot on an Apple-funded set.

The Apple Vision Pro headset debuted at the 2023 WWDC, taking up nearly half of the keynote presentation. As of yet, there's no firm ship date for the unit, beyond "early 2024."

Apple Vision Pro is expected to launch exclusively in the US to start. Expansion to other countries will come as the years wear on.