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Setapp introduces a ChatGPT assistant & other AI tools into its service

Setapp employs new AI features

App subscription service Setapp has introduced new features powered by artificial intelligence, including an assistant, better search, and a new toolkit collection.

Setapp boasts a constantly growing library comprising more than 240 apps, providing Mac users with a diverse selection of apps to fulfill their requirements. Furthermore, the company has been progressively expanding its assortment of iOS apps.

In its recent announcement, Setapp unveils the integration of AI capabilities into its platform. This includes the introduction of an assistant driven by ChatGPT, an upgraded search functionality, and a curated collection of apps designed to enhance user workflows.

Setapp Assistant leverages the power of ChatGPT along with Setapp's proprietary pre-trained model. Using Setapp Assistant, users are provided with a dedicated window to access relevant solutions for specific use cases, such as app search recommendations, tutorials, and how-to guides.

Additionally, users can find answers to any questions about Mac functionality conveniently consolidated within a single window. Meanwhile, the AI Search feature aims to combat app fatigue by promptly informing customers about the specific app capable of fulfilling their tasks.

Setapp's improved search functionality is now supported by a synonym dictionary, enabling it to suggest substitute words when searching. The search feature also takes into account alternative spellings and manages typos.

Users can also create custom keywords for specific apps, benefit from suggestions and autocomplete functionality, and search within relevant how-tos or tutorials based on content.

Finally, the AI Toolkit app collection ensures a seamless user experience with AI-powered apps. The collection consists of 13 apps, including TypingMind, Elephas, and Plus, offering distinct advantages as alternative solutions to ChatGPT.

The collection includes use case-oriented apps equipped with AI capabilities designed to address tasks like improving photo quality, managing emails, prioritizing tasks, and more.