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Netflix won't be making a native Apple Vision Pro app

The Netflix native app experience for the Meta Quest

The Apple Vision Pro probably won't have a native app experience for Netflix at launch, with the major streaming service allegedly declining to produce a custom app for Apple's headset.

The Apple Vision Pro will offer its users a more engaging experience, including for apps that are used for streaming video. However, while some are expected to go down the route of producing a full experience for the Apple Vision Pro, at least one won't be putting much effort into it.

In Sunday's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman was apparently told that Netflix has "no current plans to develop a native app for the Vision Pro."

While Netflix won't go down the native app route, it will still offer some level of video streaming. As Apple claims that developers can easily convert iPad apps to work on the Apple Vision Pro, it's probable that Netflix will at least convert its tablet app for the headset.

Netflix does already offer a more immersive streaming experience on other VR platforms. For the Meta Quest line, the Netflix app includes an environment of a cosy room, complete with tchotchkes and pieces of furniture, in front of a large virtual television.

Despite the lack of an official native Netflix app, others are anticipated to make more of an effort for the Apple Vision Pro. Disney has confirmed it will be producing 3D interactive experiences as part of the Disney+ app, tapping franchises such as "Star Wars" and 3D replays of sporting events for ESPN.