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AirPods Pro charging case will get USB-C first, AirPods Max will wait

AirPods Pro

A new report claiming to have all details of Apple's forthcoming event, says that "Wonderlust" will include the first USB-C charging case for AirPods Pro.

Apple will unveil its iPhone 15 range on September 12, 2023, and according to Bloomberg, it will also launch the first USB-C version of AirPods.

As the iPhone moves from Lightning to USB-C charging, so the current edition of the AirPods Pro will do the same, as previously rumored. That means that the wireless charging case that comes with the AirPods Pro will switch to USB-C, without an engineer's hack.

USB-C will not come to other AirPods models at this event. However, it's expected that both the low-end AirPods and high-end AirPods Max will move to USB-C in 2024.

For the AirPods Pro update at Apple's September 12 event, it doesn't appear that there will be any other hardware update to the AirPods Pro beyond the charging change. Bloomberg says that there will, though, be software updates.

Those will include a new Conversation Awareness, where the AirPods Pro will automatically fade music when people start speaking to the wearer.

Apple will also add the ability for wearers to mute and unmute music directly on the AirPods.

Bloomberg also says that there are new health features for the AirPods, but that it doesn't expect those to be announced at this event.