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Apple revamps iOS 17 App Store with more personalized recommendations

Revised App Store on iOS 17

Alongside the release of iOS 17, Apple has begun introducing a revised App Store with curated recommendations, and later a 'Behind the App' series.

Now that iOS 17 is out, users are seeing a refreshed App Store and Apple has told AppleInsider that this is part of a plan to further help surface and recommend apps.

The initial new features concentrate on the Today tab, where Apple says that it has improved how relevant apps are shown to the user. As well as direct links to apps, the Today tab will show articles by Apple's App Store editors describing an app or a topic.

These articles and recommendations are now arranged into sections, with the intention of making it simpler to find out more on a topic. Alongside written pieces, Apple says that there will be more video guides to apps as well.

Coming in the fall

The Today tab in the App Store on iOS 17 will get a further update later this year, centered on new sections highlighting in-app events, plus games. It's intended to draw attention to useful but for whatever reason, lesser-known apps.

It will also include a new series called "Behind the App." Similar to the current App Stories, it will detail the development of apps, but specifically concentrate on ones Apple regards as innovating in the App Store.

The App Store began in 2008 and has since created an entire industry of mobile developers. More recently, however, it and Apple have come under increasing pressure that is expected to see the company being required to allow third-party app stores onto the iPhone.

These new App Store updates for iOS 17 will aid users looking for apps, but if Apple can successfully improve app discoverability, it will help persuade developers to stay on the platform.