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Swedish luxury firm adds 7,586 diamonds to Apple devices for some reason

What a quarter of a million dollars can get you by way of diamond-studded Apple devices

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Marketed as a "Billionaire's Gadgets" collection, a new $250,000 luxury set includes the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and more, all dotted with diamonds.

Not to knock something that reportedly takes more than 500 hours of effort per set to produce, but this is for a pretty niche market. Yes, buyers have to be able to drop a quarter of a million dollars on it, but they also have to not find the design gaudy, and they surely can't be the sort to want to upgrade their devices next year.

Buyers probably also have to be the sort of people who don't think "bejewelled" is just the name of a game.

Apparently, though, there is such a niche and according to Golden Concept, the firm behind the new set, there's a lot of competition in the market.

"In an increasingly saturated luxury market, it takes something extraordinary to create prestige; the Billionaire's Gadgets collection is precisely that," says Puia Shamsossadati, CEO and Founder of Golden Concept, comments. "The price point is certainly exclusive but reflects the painstaking labor and artisanal excellence that has gone into creating these four unique pieces, the value of which will only increase with time."

"At Golden Concept, we don't only create luxury goods, we create a luxury lifestyle," continues Shamsossadati, "and this collection is certainly our most exclusive offering to date."

It's meant to appear luxurious, but sometimes the set seems more sinister
It's meant to appear luxurious, but sometimes the set seems more sinister

It's questionable whether the set's value will increase. It should with any collectible, and of course the worth of the diamonds is unlikely to decrease.

Yet this is a re-skinning of Apple devices that are top of the range now, but won't be next year, and will be progressively more out of date as time goes by. There will be a point where Apple stops even supporting them.

One of the devices is likely to go that way sooner than the rest, too, as the set includes AirPods Max, which Apple hasn't updated since it was launched in 2020.

Definitely a nice box, though.
Definitely a nice box, though.

And then there's one more thing. This set has an iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple Watch Ultra 2, AirPods Max — and another watch.

"Encased within the Royal Iced Edition is Golden Concept's flagship," says the company, "[a] Swiss-made automatic skeleton watch that matches the dimensions of the Apple Watch Series 9."

So it's the size of an Apple Watch, but it isn't an Apple Watch. It's in a Billionaire's Gadgets "custom Apple products collection," but it isn't an Apple product.

Apple has done a luxury device before, though. Right from the start in 2015, it sold a gold Apple Watch Edition which cost from $10,000.

This new $250,000 set does come in a very nice box, though. That box with the Apple devices and an extra watch thrown in, is available direct from Golden Concepts. Hurry while stocks last.