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Apple delays AirPlay in Hotel, collaborative playlist iOS 17 features until 2024

Apple Music collaborative playlists are missing in iOS 17.2

A pair of features announced for iOS 17 won't be out in time for 2023, with AirPlay in Hotels and collaborative playlists for Apple Music delayed to sometime in 2024.

Apple regularly staggers the release of features it announces for its operating systems until later in the year, but it's unusual for announced items to wait until the following year. Following the public release of iOS 17.2, it's clear that two features won't make it by the end of 2023 at all.

Collaborative Apple Music playlists, a feature that appeared in the iOS 17.2 betas, was not included in the final release to the public, issued on Monday. The feature enables multiple Apple Music users to add songs to the same playlist, change the playlist order, and remove them entirely.

The other missing feature, AirPlay in Hotels, provides guests a way to more easily use televisions in hotel rooms. By scanning a QR code on an AirPlay-compatible TV in their room, users can stream content to the larger screen with little fuss.

Apple previously said in June, shortly after the WWDC announcement, that it was bringing out the features, alongside many others sometime in the fall.

The lack of appearance in the final iOS 17.2 release, effectively the last major release of iOS for 2023, means the two features won't be officially provided to the public until sometime in early 2024.