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Delta's new plane lets you use AirPods to listen to movie audio in-flight


A TikToker has discovered that Delta's newest plane lets you directly connect your AirPods — or any Bluetooth headphones — to the in-flight entertainment system.

On her flight from Seattle to Honolulu, TikTok user Elise Brulotte made an exciting discovery: her plane allowed her to connect her Apple AirPods to the in-flight entertainment system.

"FINALLY delta's new plane allows you to watch movies with your AirPods," Brulotte wrote in on-screen text over her TikTok video. The clip shows her connecting her AirPods Pro to the monitor to watch "Crazy Rich Asians."


ABOUT TIME as someone who never bought over the ear neadphones im freaking out. game changer

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"ABOUT TIME as someone who never bought over the ear neadphones (sic) im freaking out. game changer," the caption reads.

"The A321neo fleet is our first fleet type offering Bluetooth connectivity, and it's available in first-class cabins," Delta said in a statement to The New York Post.

If you're flying Delta and want to try it for yourself, the feature is exclusive to Delta's A321neo and only available in first-class cabins.

Currently, Delta has 35 A321neos in service and plans to purchase an additional 155 aircraft through 2027. The in-flight entertainment system features over 500 movies and 100 TV series for travelers to watch.

Delta is far from the only airline to offer this feature. Users in the comment section have noted that they have had similar experiences on United, Virgin Airlines, and Emirates flights.