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Apple Vision Pro imminent, with launch rumored at end of January

Apple Vision Pro

The latest rumors sourced from Apple's supply chain point to January 26 for the Apple Vision Pro launch, which lines up with other accurate sources.

When Apple revealed Apple Vision Pro, it promised an "early 2024" release window, which could realistically mean anytime before June. However, evidence has been mounting for a January to February launch window, with the latest suggesting the former.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman shared that January 26 is an Apple Vision Pro launch date "floating around" people familiar with the matter in China. This came as a response to a MacRumors story covering a sketchy source suggesting the date.

Gurman's response lines up with what AppleInsider has heard from independent sources. Our understanding is that Apple Retail is preparing for the initial launch through January with training and in-store units.

Apple has been clear about how it intends to roll out Apple Vision Pro in retail. Customers will need to physically come to an Apple Store to be fitted for a unit.

We expect the in-store experience will serve as a way to educate the user for initial setup. Many will likely be fitted in store and sent home with a receipt to await delivery.

The limiting factor for in-store pickup will likely be the prescription lenses required for anyone that wears glasses. Apple Stores are expected to have a small stock of standard prescriptions available.

Apple Vision Pro costs $3,499, but Apple hasn't shared how that price accounts for accessories like a custom visor or prescription lenses. The launch date will likely be revealed by Apple soon to give customers time to plan finances and a visit to the Apple Store.