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Apple released a short video teasing Apple Vision Pro, paying homage to original iPhone ad

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is coming on February 2, and Apple has released a quick teaser called "Get Ready," filled with movie clips of stars putting on their goggles or headsets.

Little new information has been shared about Apple Vision Pro since its reveal at WWDC 2023. It's Apple's first spatial computing device that expands on Apple's ecosystem of connected devices.

The teaser is like Apple's other short ad-like videos. It's about 30 seconds and will likely appear as an ad spot on YouTube and in other locations.

Films referenced in the ad include "Ant Man," "Fantastic Mr. Fox," "Star Wars: A New Hope," "Star Trek," "Iron Man," and "Back to the Future Part II." Everyone shown is getting ready by lowering their visors or headsets.

Interestingly, Apple released developer documentation earlier Monday asking developers not to refer to the Apple Vision Pro as a "headset" within apps or descriptions. However, marketing doesn't seem averse to pointing out that Apple's device is very much like a headset or visor seen in sci-fi across decades of film.

Apple aired a similar ad for the original iPhone with scenes from movies and TV shows with characters answering the phone.

Apple Vision Pro is available for pre-order on January 19, starting at $3,499 for 256GB of storage. It ships on February 2 and will be available at Apple Stores.