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India may make it cheaper to produce iPhones

Mumbai, India

The Indian government is reportedly considering import duty costs on key smartphone components, including those for the iPhone.

Despite previously introducing new import fees for assembled devices such as laptops — and then backing down again — India is now said to be looking to incentivize smartphone production in the country.

According to Reuters, unnamed officials within the Indian government have said that plans are being considered for the next budget, to be announced on February 1. Reportedly, the plans have got as far as an official proposal from a minister, but there are few details of what components may benefit, nor what the duty reduction could be.

One source claims that camera parts for high-end phones are included. At present, import duty for camera modules ranges from 2.5% to 20%, according to Reuters.

Plans to potentially reduce the costs of manufacturing smartphones comes as Apple continues working toward its aim of producing 25% of all its iPhones in India.