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Goertek wants to build a new factory in Vietnam for AirPods & Apple Vision Pro

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Apple supply chain member Goertek will be investing up to $280 million to create a new subsidiary and facility in Vietnam that could help with the manufacture of AirPods and the Apple Vision Pro.

Goertek has a history as a producer of AirPods for Apple, and it's also now part of the Apple Vision Pro supply chain. With it having more involvement in Apple's products, the Hong Kong-based producer is making a move to increase its production capacity.

A wholly-owned subsidiary will be opened in Vietnam, a corporate filing spotted by SCMP states. The Monday filing mentions that it will involve an investment of up to $280 million so it can meet demands "for business expansion and long-term operation" in the country.

This is not the first time Goertek has expressed an interest to set up in Vietnam. In February 2023, Goertek said practically the same thing, with a new plant in Vietnam potentially costing up to $280 million.

"[The project] is advantageous to make better use of local resources in Vietnam to enhance the company's overall competitiveness," Goertek added.

The subsidiary will be set up via Goertek's Hong Kong operation, and will be located in the Bac Ninh province. The northern area has been the subject of investment interest from South Korean companies, including Samsung.

The move may also be one that's more than just capacity. Apple's suppliers are slowly starting to shift away from China-centric production, with Vietnam one of a few target locations for firms keen to avoid any potential geopolitical issues that may arise. In the past, this has included factory closures due to power supply issues and extreme COVID measures, as well as events such as the US-China trade war.