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Create images with Adobe Firefly AI for Apple Vision Pro

Adobe Firefly AI on Apple Vision Pro (Source: Adobe)

Adobe's image-generating software Firefly has been announced for the new Apple Vision Pro, and joins the company's previously-announced Lightroom photo app.

It was already known that Adobe Lightroom would be coming as a native Apple Vision Pro app from launch, but now Adobe says it is adding Firefly AI. This is a generative AI tool that produces images based on a user's text descriptions.

As with the existing web-based version of Firefly AI, a user can describe what they want to see and the app will create four suggested images. What's different with Apple Vision Pro is that users can then pluck the four images out of the app per se and drag them around the headset's 3D environment.

Adobe says that Firefly AI is now "purpose built" for Apple Vision Pro. Dragged images can be placed on walls like posters, for instance.

The product is not quite complete, though. The company says that panoramas and 360-degree imagery is still coming.

The news of Firefly AI for Apple Vision Pro was first spotted by The Verge. No pricing details have been announced, beyond what the company already charges for the software.