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'Foundation' cast and crew sent home as production delayed

Foundation poster (Source: Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ drama "Foundation" should have resumed filming for season 3, but production has been shut down while issues including lowering its budget are being discussed.

"Foundation" had already seen its third season production interrupted by the Writers' Guild and SAG-AFTRA actors' union went on strike during 2023.

According to Deadline, production was due to resume this month, with around two-thirds of the season still to be shot. However, cast and crew arriving in Prague and Poland for filming have reportedly been sent home.

Deadline says that unspecified production issues are being worked out, and also that the budget is being brought down. Previously, it was reported that Apple TV+ was spending $5 million per episode, with each season having 10 editions.

Pushing back a start date after booking cast, crew, and at least undertaking some location logistics with everything from cameras to hotels, is clearly expensive. It's likely, then, that the show's budget reduction could be significant.

If so, it's then also likely that the series will require rewriting, which could mean a significant production delay.

Separately, Apple TV+ drama "Silo" was similarly shut down during production because of the strikes, but it has resumed filming its second season. Star and executive producer Rebecca Ferguson has revealed that filming is scheduled to finish on March 8, 2024.