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Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: too-expensive precision cushioning

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: doesn't deliver on the high price

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

2.0 / 5

Apple made one accessory that wasn't included in the Apple Vision Pro box — an impractically large $200 Travel Case that isn't great at what it claims to do.

It is no surprise that Apple would introduce a Travel Case that's as oddly designed and highly-priced as this one. Apple Vision Pro is a $3,500 computer that needs a protective home that's great for travel, but Apple's case misses the mark.

When I first laid eyes on the pillow-like outer shell of the Travel Case, I realized it was enormous. The Apple Vision Pro is a surprisingly small headset compared to competitors like the PSVR 2, but this case doesn't take advantage of that at all.

That said, the Apple Vision Pro needs a home, and the Travel Case has, so far, acted as a decent storage location for the headset — in the office. It neatly stores the components securely and makes moving it simple, but travel with it hard.

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review — Design

For most of Apple's history, it has been the king of industry-leading thin and light devices with minimal packaging. What's so shocking about the Travel Case is it's the opposite of that philosophy.

The Apple Vision Pro with the front cover attached sits in the Travel Case. The accessory pouch is behind the headset and the battery is in a compartment on the right side.
Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: put things away without much hassle

It wasn't until after Apple Vision Pro pre-orders began that the Travel Case was revealed. The puffy exterior seemed to call back to space suits worn by NASA astronauts in the '60s.

Some even speculated the case may double as a travel pillow, though that was quickly dismissed once we got ahold of one. The plushy exterior thinly covers a hard shell case — plus, it's just too thick.

The ripstop material on the exterior is meant to prevent rips and tears in harsh environments, which feels a little overkill for the likely environments of homes and airports. A retractable handle makes the Travel Case easily portable, but lacking a shoulder strap feels limiting.

The material itself is questionable for a case that could end up shoved under an airplane seat or sitting at your feet on a bus. The bright white will get dingy and stained with time, but ours hasn't seen enough mileage to judge how quickly that happens yet.

The Travel Case is open and empty on a table. The interior is visible with a soft fabric and molding for placing the headset.
Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: the molded interior leaves no wiggle room

Inside the Travel Case, you'll find a molded structure that holds Apple Vision Pro without any wiggle room. The design appears to expect users to insert the headset with the Solo Knit Band attached, as it rings the exterior perfectly, but the Dual Loop Band can also remain attached.

Apple designed the Travel Case to minimize what users need to do to put the Apple Vision Pro away or take it out again. Nothing fastens the headset in place, and nothing needs to be removed.

The component that presses against the Light Seal and keeps the headset in place is adjustable for different Light Seal sizes. A piece of velcro can be lifted to adjust this piece.

The battery is strapped down with velcro to the top of the case. Users should detach the battery when storing Apple Vision Pro to prevent draining it to zero or getting too hot.

The included accessory bag can hold a cleaning cloth, charging cable, power brick, an extra strap, and the included extra cushion size. There's not space for much else without trading out something, but I managed to fit a Magic Trackpad underneath the accessory bag.

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review — Size

Apple's Travel Case is 8.78 inches wide by 6.5 inches deep by 11.69 inches long. It weighs just over 2 pounds.

A Nomatic backpack sits next to the Travel Case on a table. The backpack is thinner than the bulky case.
Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: you're going to need a bigger bag

There aren't many competing options out there just yet. Ones that do exist run the gamut from cheap options originally made for Meta Quest to bespoke designs from high-end case manufacturers.

For example, the Waterfield Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro is likely the smallest possible carrying case you'll find since it requires removing the bands to insert it. It lands at 7.75 inches wide by 5.25 inches deep by 7.5 inches long. It weighs 1 pound.

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case is significantly larger in every dimension.

While I haven't tried other companies' cases yet, it is clear Apple's leans large. It provides plenty of space for exact fits and the fastest move from storage to use.

The interior of the Nomatic backpack showing a game controller, cables, a battery pack, AirPods Max, and an iPad Pro.
Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: a backpack of a similar size carries a lot more stuff

However, that means carrying a case larger than some people's backpacks. My Nomatic bag used to transport an iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard case, and a range of accessories is thinner than Apple's Travel Case meant only for Apple Vision Pro.

One could argue that's the beauty of Spatial Computing — needing only the headset to get things done. But without space for a very necessary keyboard, this oversized marshmallow fells like a wasted opportunity.

Some have taken to carrying an incredibly small Bluetooth keyboard with the Vision Pro, but that's beyond our minimal size tolerance for comfortable typing. My Nuphy keyboard is plenty small, but has to be carried separately.

To sum it up, the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case is an oversized bag that inherently can't be carried on its own. You'll always have an additional bag with it.

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review — Travelling

Since the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case is so bulky, it's difficult to imagine fitting it in any kind of backpack or luggage. Our small suitcase for weekend travel would have to yield most of its capacity to the Travel Case, something that isn't tenable when clothes are needed for a trip.

The empty and open Travel Case sits in front of the accessory bag and Apple Vision Pro.
Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: at least you won't lose it

There's little alternative outside of carrying the Travel Case in your hand. The top strap could fit over a roller suitcase handle, but that makes the Travel Case jut out awkwardly.

Openly carrying the ostentatious bag filled with over $4,000 worth of computer equipment doesn't feel very advisable either. It screams "hey, everyone, I have lots of money over here."

Apple's solution is very Apple. It's a perfect fit for the Apple Vision Pro and works great as long as you don't go anywhere with people, dirt, or sharp edges.

It's very impractical for actual travel use. The lack of a shoulder strap means one hand is always needed to carry the case.

The Travel Case accessory bag sits open surrounded by what could go inside like a band, cushion and charger. Apple Vision Pro and the Travel Case are in the background.
Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: fit almost everything you need besides a keyboard

It's hard to imagine taking this bag on a plane and sliding it under the seat as a personal item. There's not even space for a physical keyboard, so let's hope your flight allows a carry-on bag, too.

Speaking of which, Apple's Travel Case is at least small enough to qualify as a personal item as defined by most airlines. Typically, a personal item is a purse, but the Travel Case fits within that size class.

Some flights allow a personal item and a carry-on. The carry-on can be much larger, closer to an oversized backpack — that's the saving grace here.

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review — a home for your headset

If push came to shove, we'd use the Travel Case to transport the Apple Vision Pro since it's really our only official option at present. Third-party options are coming beyond the generic ones found on Amazon, and we'll be evaluating those, too.

Apple Vision Pro sits on the Travel Case just visible at the bottom of the image.
Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: the puffed up exterior makes for a good pedestal

The best use of the Travel Case hasn't been for travel at all — it's been for storage. I'd prefer not to leave my new, fancy, glass-covered headset out for imminent destruction by a wondering pet or partner.

So, Apple's Travel Case has acted as the perfect place to keep Apple Vision Pro when I'm not wearing it. It gets shut down at the end of each shift, the battery is disconnected, and everything is placed neatly into the case.

If I want to use the headset in another space or leave the home with it, it's already packed up and ready to go. Of course, I don't think this is how I'll always store Apple Vision Pro at home, but it's a good option for now.

That said, I can't recommend anyone buy the Travel Case just to store the Apple Vision Pro. Buy a mannequin head, a third-party case, or just secure it on a table safely somewhere.

The $200 price tag feels out of reach for an already expensive headset. That's how much upgrading the storage costs, and having 512GB versus 256GB is worth much more than an overpriced, oversized case.

Apple's return to impractical beauty

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case is a nice object. It has a soft, plushy texture, satisfying zippers, and exact dimensions to house your expensive headset.

The Travel Case is partially visible at the top left of the image and Apple Vision Pro is partially visible at the bottom right.
Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review: ostentatious and overpriced

However, it's also a lot of money to spend on a watermelon-sized object that's meant for travel. I'm almost certain there will be better options from third parties, and some have even been announced.

If you've got the money to buy Apple's Travel Case, it isn't a bad purchase. It's just a little impractical for the purpose it was made for.

It may sound like I'm down on the Travel Case, but I've actually enjoyed the purchase — but durability and washability are still in question. It is clear to me that there will be better ways to store and transport Apple Vision Pro, eventually.

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review — Pros

  • A sturdy case great for storing Apple Vision Pro
  • Molded interior keeps things in place without clumsy straps and buckles
  • Apple Vision Pro can be inserted without disassembly
  • Accessory bag is a clever option versus built-in pockets
  • Room for a Magic Trackpad

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case review — Cons

  • The plushy white exterior doesn't seem to serve a purpose beyond making the case thicker and more noticeable
  • The bright white material is waiting to get immeasurably dirty in public spaces
  • The case is bigger than most bags, thicker than modern computer backpacks
  • No shoulder strap or suitcase passthrough options
  • Priced higher than competitors while offering no noticeable advantage or premium material

Rating: 2 out of 5

Despite its impracticalities and price, it is still a Travel Case that fulfills its basic functionality. It can be used to store and transport Apple Vision Pro, but in a way that is too big, too costly, and ostentatious.

I can't recommend Apple's Travel Case. If you're needing somewhere to store Apple Vision Pro, buy a cheap option on Amazon until better third-party options arrive.

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case is a rare miss from Apple. It feels like something built in a lab with no awareness about dirt, shoulder straps, or backpacks.

How to buy the Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

Like Apple Vision Pro, Apple is the only retailer selling the Travel Case. It is $199 on Apple's website.