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Upcoming iOS 18 to offer more customizable home screen

Among a slew of new features reported to be coming to iOS 18 later this year, the home screen is said to be more customizable for users.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports that Apple will make it easier for users to customize the home screen in iOS 18, but doesn't go into any details on the rumored feature. Apple has previously said that it believes that iOS 18 will be its biggest update to the iPhone ever.

The new version is widely expected to debut Apple's efforts in upgraded machine learning, neural networks, and AI as fully integrated across the OS.

Apple's iOS 18 update is expected to bring new accessibility features. Prime amongst them is an expansion of the existing "Conversation Boost" feature in AirPods Pro into a more complete "hearing aid" type technology.

The overall design of iOS 18 is expected to get an update too. It is unlikely to take many cues from visionOS, the OS used in the Apple Vision Pro.

Included programs, such as whiteboard app Freeform, are also said to be gaining new features.