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New iPhone comparison page tells you why you need to upgrade

New iPhone compare page

If you're still on an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 series model, Apple wants you to know why you should upgrade to one of any iPhone 15 models with a new comparison tool.

Customers have always been able to compare Macs, iPads, iPhones, and other Apple products using a simple spec comparison tool built into Apple's website. A new webpage dedicated to potential upgraders with a more streamlined comparison experience has popped up.

The new "Reasons to Upgrade" website was first discovered by 9to5Mac. It provides a simple tool for comparing any iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 generation models to the current iPhone 15 models.

Since it is a more curated webpage, it is focused on potential upgraders with two or three-year-old devices. The text updates on the page represent how the specs differ across the selected devices, but the representative images and video showcasing iPhone 15 features remain mostly the same.

Even if you're coming from iPhone 12 Pro to an iPhone 15, Apple explains why the newer model is an upgrade thanks to things like the Dynamic Island and 48MP Main Camera. These comparison tools wouldn't be as straightforward if they included the iPhone 14 generation.

Apple released the iPhone 15 lineup in September 2023. It is halfway through its release cycle, but that doesn't mean customers aren't looking to buy an iPhone 15, even with an iPhone 16 on the horizon.