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Apple Pencil 3 could have new squeeze gesture

Apple Pencil could get an update soon

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Code found in iPadOS 17.5 revealed a new squeeze gesture that could be introduced with Apple Pencil 3.

Apple Pencil 2 already supports a double-tap gesture for switching between available tools in an app. Since it has no pressure sensitivity, a squeeze gesture would likely be reserved for Apple Pencil 3.

Code discovered in iPadOS 17.5 beta 1 by 9to5Mac shows evidence of a squeeze gesture for Apple Pencil. The gesture would be used for adding shapes, signatures, stickers, or a text field.

Squeezing an Apple Pencil would require some kind of pressure-sensitive surface. The gesture is distinct enough to coexist with the double-tap gesture and open up more control options.

Other rumors for Apple Pencil 3 include the addition of Find My support and changeable tips.

Apple is expected to reveal an Apple Pencil 3 alongside new iPads sometime in April or early May. The updated products will likely be announced via a press release.