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Apple teases more Immersive Video dinosaurs for Apple Vision Pro coming soon

Apple will debut a second short film from its "Prehistoric Planet Immersive" series for Apple Vision Pro users on April 19th.

Apple included a handful of Immersive Video experiences along with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro in February. They are 180-degree 3D video shot in 8K, making them different from both 3D movies available on the device and the "Spatial Video" users can create from the headset or the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max.

The original Immersive Video film from "Prehistoric Planet" featured some pterosaurs encounting some young T-Rexes along a rugged ocean coast. The new film, running about six minutes like the previous one, tells the tale of a curious baby triceratops who learns about family bonds deep in the forest.

A teaser for it is available from the TV app in the Apple Vision Pro.

This is only the second new Immersive Video Apple has released since the launch of the Vision Pro in February. The other was a five-minute "highlight reel" of the 2023 Major League Soccer season.

The original batch of Immersive Videos included four short films: Adventure, Wild Life, Prehistoric Planet Immersive, and Alicia Keys: Rehearsal Room. Also included at launch was a interactive immersive experience, called "Encounter Dinosaurs."