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Both the release and beta visionOS versions get minor updates

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has released an incremental update for visionOS to the public, at the same time as seemingly re-releasing a developer beta of visionOS 1.2.

The update to the Apple Vision Pro bringing it up to visionOS 1.1.2 is an incremental change to the headset's operating system. The release on Tuesday follows after a similar granular update from visionOS 1.1 to 1.1.1 that took place on March 21.

The new release build is number 21O231, replacing 21O224.

At the same time, Apple has issued an update to the current visionOS 1.2 developer beta, which it brought out on April 2. Rather than being a full-blown second beta build, it seems that Apple is instead rereleasing the first build with minor tweaks.

The previous first build of visionOS 1.2 was build number 21O5555e, and its replacement is build number 21O5555f.

It is unclear exactly what has changed in both builds, but the granular update and minor tweak of a beta build indicates it could be a very small or minor alteration overall. At least, not one with features that the public would immediately notice.