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A new app is the surest sign that the Apple Vision Pro will launch in China very soon

A screenshot from Taobao's visionOS app [Weibo]

The launch of the Apple Vision Pro in China seems imminent, after a major retailer launched a 3D shopping app designed for the headset.

The Apple Vision Pro is currently only available in the United States, but an international expansion has been speculated to occur ahead of WWDC 2024. It now seems that China could be one of the first major markets to receive the headset.

Alibaba's Taobao online marketplace has launched a new shopping app in the country, reports the South China Morning Post. The app, released on Friday, is made specifically for the Apple Vision Pro.

While the headset currently isn't sold in China yet, some users who bought the head-mounted device in the United States and imported it into the country have been able to try out the app.

As you would expect from a visionOS app, Taobao's offering is capable of 3D functions, and is said to provide a way to experience what consumer electronics, appliances, and furniture would look like inside the customer's home.

In one user's example, browsing a DJI drone showed the device flying in the Vision Pro interface. The user could then move the drone within their augmented reality viewpoint with hand gestures, and inspect the model in more detail at any angle.

In some cases, users could place two different items in their surroundings for a better comparison. Each digital object is lit based on the lighting in the room and where they are placed.

The app is reportedly still in a testing stage, with a final version expected when the Apple Vision Pro is actually released.

Though Apple hasn't said when the Apple Vision Pro will be arriving in new territories, aside from CEO Tim Cook confirming a 2024 launch was happening in China, it is thought the launch could happen in April or May.

Alibaba isn't the only major company in China to be involved with the Apple Vision Pro. Tencent, the country's tech giant, has reportedly agreed to port their apps to the headset.