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Tim Cook leaves Singapore after week-long Asia tour

Tim Cook in Singapore (Source: Apple)

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been posting an account of his last few meetings with officials, users, and students from his Singapore visit.

Tim Cook began the week in Vietnam, then spent Wednesday in Indonesia, and rounded out the week with two last days in Singapore. While Apple does not release Cook's schedule, it appears that his tour has concluded, and he's posted a last few photos and videos from it.

Cook's last evening in Singapore consisted of his visiting the Apple Marina Bay Sands store. Musician Benjamin Kheng was performing a concert there.

The following morning, Cook again breakfasted with users. In this case, it was food entrepreneurs Faz and Amiera.

Cook then visited the new Apple Developer Center in Singapore. He met with developers, students, and Apple Design Award winners.

To round out his travelogue, Cook concluded with a message about Singapore being an amazing country. He ended his posts with a shot from what appears to be the Apple Marina Bay Sands store and the staff there.