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Apple Pencil Pro comes in five different artistic boxes

Apple Pencil Pro boxes on display in an Apple Store

Collectors are going to have to spend $645 to get the Apple Pencil Pro in each of its five different packaging designs — but they'd better buy in store rather than online.

Apple may be cutting down on plastics in packaging, and getting rid of stickers, but it's not going back to the 1990s when it shipped everything in minimally-printed brown cardboard. Instead, Apple has added full-color artwork to the white Apple Pencil Pro boxes, each one spelling out the word "Pro."

As spotted by Arun Maini, appear to be identical on all sides, but different on the top. Each top does feature a photo of an Apple Pencil Pro, but the word "Pro" is woven around it in different styles.

If you don't ask for a particular box, or the Apple Store in question is packed, buyers in store won't know which Apple Pencil Pro box design they will get. However, we've been told that if the store is relatively slow, a buyer can request a particular design if it's in stock. Otherwise, it seems cruel to display all five.

Significantly, though, there are no box design options when ordering the Apple Pencil Pro online. Nor is there even a suggestion that there could be different boxes, unless users go into an Apple retail store.

The Apple Pencil Pro is compatible only with the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models announced at Apple's online event. it costs $129, is available to order now, and will ship starting from May 15, 2024 — but in which box, Apple is keeping us waiting.