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Apple Vision Pro 2 may be half the price of the original claims sketchy rumor

Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park

If a questionable rumor is to be believed, the next version of the Apple Vision Pro could be out by 2026, and cost half the price of the first model.

It is widely expected that Apple is working on creating successive versions of the Apple Vision Pro, following its introduction on the market. Speculation about the next model continues, with a dodgy claim about the second-gen model.

According to a post on X by @Revegnus1 on Friday, the second version of the Apple Vision Pro will be arriving in 2026.

The price of the headset will allegedly be between $1,500 and $2,500. If true, this could make the headset less than half the $3,500 price of the first-gen model at the low end of the range.

The tweeter adds that it is entering the Chinese SeeYa supply chain. Component samples from the chain are said to have already been sent to Apple for evaluation.

SK Hynix and Samsung are reportedly supplying LLW DRAM for the device. LLW is Low Latency Wide I/O DRAM, a form of memory that offers 128GB/s of bandwidth per module.

Somewhat questionable

The tweeter's claim is suspect in a few ways. For a start, the account is only a few days old, therefore it does not have any real history to judge rumor accuracy.

That said, since its introduction, the account has manged to make a number of leak and rumor posts in a short space of time. Most of the claims are about Apple, though there is some discussion about Android and Samsung.

There is also the possibility that this is a previous leaker who went by the name of Revegnus or @Tech_Reve, who was the source of many rumors about Apple products. The @Tech_Reve account previously made fairly reasonable claims about Apple's unit shipments, and discussed TSMC's 2nm process.

The @Tech_reve account has since been deactivated on X, which lends to the theory that the @Revegnus1 account could be a return of the leaker. But even so, there's no guarantee it's the same leaker and not someone else using the same name as a quick way to gain authority.

Other rumors and speculation about the Apple Vision Pro follow-up from leakers with substantial track records also point to a potential update as soon as the summer of 2025, though possibly running into 2026.

This does mean the leaker's release date timing seems plausible, but certainly not about the price.

There have also been claims that a cheaper model of headset is also in the works, which could surface at around the same timeframe.

However, even this consumer-grade version could remove just hundreds off the price through changes in components. One October report proposed a significantly refined consumer headset could be cheaper, but still around $2,000.

The first-generation Apple Vision Pro is also extremely expensive for Apple to produce. Estimates for the so-called "bill of materials" in February put the cost of components at about $1,542 per headset.

Unless Apple has made a significant breakthrough in cost savings, halving the price of the "Pro" model therefore seems unlikely if the consumer version can't do the same.