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Apple's new macOS 14.5 update is out but brings only bug fixes

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Apple has released macOS Sonoma 14.5, but it comes with very few visible updates.

Following a round of beta test releases, which began in early April 2024, Apple has now publicly released macOS 14.5. AppleInsider always recommends waiting at least a few days before updating, to give time for other users to discover bugs — as they did with macOS 14.4.

After that, it's best to install the new version in order to be sure of having the latest security updates.

As with that last macOS 14.4 update, though, there are close to no visible differences in the new version. While macOS Sonoma 14.4 added new emoji, Apple has said only that this macOS 14.5 has bug fixes.

Specifically, certain FaceTime users have been unable to answer or reject a call. It was to do with notifications not displaying the Accept or Decline buttons, and this has been fixed.

It's not known how many users were affected by that FaceTime bug, but it wasn't enough or sufficiently widespread to have been independently reported. Even so, the second bug fixed in macOS 14.5 unquestionably affected fewer users still.

Those users have to have been iPadOS developers electing to make a Mac version of their app. Under certain circumstances that Apple does not detail, when a user double-clicked to launch what's known as a "Mac (Designed for iPad) app," it could open the wrong app.

This, too, has reportedly been fixed in the new release.

Apple's free macOS Sonoma 14.5 update is now rolling out across the world, and will generally come pre-installed on new Macs. Existing Mac users will be prompted to update at some point, but can also elect to initiate the download sooner by going to System Settings, General, and Software Update.

Alongside the macOS Sonoma update are updates for Monterey, Ventura and Sonoma. Monterey gets an update to version 12.7.5, Ventura has been updated to 13.6.7, and Sonoma is now version 14.5.