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New emoji in iOS 18, iPad Pro, and patented Apple Store trees, on the AppleInsider Podcast

It may never go on sale, but this Lego Apple store is a joy

Apple is slowly adding more to watch on Apple Vision Pro, it's gearing up for AI, emoji, and more at WWDC, and yet another Apple Store has opened — but it's made out of Lego.

The new Lego Apple store is a thing of joy, but it's unlikely to ever go on general sale because Apple has even patented how it uses trees in its retail stores. That's the level of detail — not to mention control — that Apple goes to.

Which is definitely also easy to see in the company's latest immersive video for the Apple Vision Pro. Yet as impressive as each individual release is, there's still not very much of it.

Whereas we've arguably already got far too many emoji, it looks like we're going to get the ability to create many, many more. Fortunately, we're also looking likely to get practically myriad improvements to Siri and they're all going to be announced at WWDC which seems so close now.

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