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Stormy servers — Apple Weather suffered an intermittent outage

Weather app in iPadOS

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Apple's Weather app wentdown for a number of users, an issue that prevented iPhone or iPad owners from being able to see the latest weather for their location.

The Weather app offers users detailed reports and forecasts for their local area, as well as for locations around the world. On Wednesday, the app became erratic and failed to display any weather results at all for some users.

Some users attempting to load the weather was greeted by a blue background, showing the name of the location and a blank temperature. The widget in iOS and iPadOS also displayed "Weather Unavailable" when it couldn't connect.

The issue was intermittent in nature, as it didn't happened every time a user attempted to access weather forecasts. Sometimes it worked fine after repeated attempts, as AppleInsider's editorial team found while testing the problem.

It is unclear how many users were affected by the issue, but there were a sizable number of posts on X, formerly Twitter, on the topic.

Cupertino weather screen showing dashes for temperature, battery status icons at 97%, 75%, and 100%, and home control buttons for lights, thermostat, fan, lamp, and other devices.
Weather app outages in iOS and iPadOS

Apple's System Status and Developer System Status pages showed an outage began around 2:10 p.m. EST. As of 5:45 p.m. EST the outage page showed everything was operating normally.

Some users may still see problems caused by the outage, but the issue appears to be resolved.

Update June 5 5:45 p.m. EST: Apple Weather outage appears to be over and Apple's system status page reflects that.