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New leaked illustrations claim Apple Watch X has a bigger screen than Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Series 10 could have an even larger screen size as this Apple Watch Ultra

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The leak of a purported series of CAD renders of the Apple Watch Series 10 show it having an even larger screen than the Apple Watch Ultra, on a smaller body.

It's been previously claimed that the next Apple Watch — which may be named the Apple Watch X — will have a larger screen. But that report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had the larger of the two Apple Watch screen sizes being 49mm, the same as the current Apple Watch Ultra.

According to 91mobiles, however, the screen is said to be 50.8mm. This is based on what are claimed to be a series of CAD renders sourced from unspecified industry insiders.

Gray smart watch with a square design, orange screen, and a side button, displayed from top and side angles.
Purported CAD renders of the Apple Watch Series X showing a larger display (Source: 91mobiles)

Those renders appear to show that despite the larger screen, the Apple Watch X will have a smaller chassis. Specifically, the renders indicate a body size of 46mm by 39.7mm, making it bigger than the Apple Watch Series 9 but still smaller than the Apple Watch Ultra.

Previous rumors have repeatedly claimed that the Apple Watch Series 10 will have a new and thinner design. According to these renders, neither is true.

Instead, the overall design appears to be the same, including the mechanism for attaching bands. More significantly, it's claimed that the new Apple Watch will be 11.6mm deep.

Top and bottom views of a sleek electronic device with buttons and a dial, set against a light blue background.
Side views from the purported Apple Watch Series X CAD renders (Source: 91mobiles)

That compares to the 10.7mm of the Apple Watch Series 9. It is less than the Apple Watch Ultra, however, which is 14.4mm.

The Apple Watch Series 10 has long been expected to get a more significant update than before, as it marks decade anniversary of the original model. It's also been predicted to be called the Apple Watch X, following how Apple launched the tenth-anniversary iPhone as the dramatically changed iPhone X.