Michael Dobrin

Mike hails from the Big Apple and is a veteran Special Education teacher and tech enthusiast.  He holds a Bachelor's in Film Studies and a Master's in Education from the College of Staten Island.  When he's not molding minds or spending time with his family, Mike loves reading and talking about technology.  He's been an amateur radio operator for over thirty years and, in addition to his own, self-kept, mini-Motorola Museum, he still owns his first numeric pager!

In recent years, Mike has been engrossed in Apple tech and information.  His motto:  "With Apple, you must have one of each!" has cost him a king's ransom, yet he is content with his choices.

Is that an Apple Watch you're wearing?  Did you know that all the Mickey Mouses on all the Apple Watches tap their feet at the same time?  No problem!  Mike will show you the way.