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How to clean your new Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro box does include a polishing cloth

Apple includes a microfiber cloth for cleaning the glass on the Apple Vision Pro, but that's not all you can use, it's not all you will want to, either, but it is one of the safest. Here's what else you can do — and what you must not.

With the shiny new Apple Vision Pro now in stores, and users are starting to get their devices out of its box, Apple has issued advice — and a warning — about keeping them shiny. In a new support document, the company details what ways of cleaning the Apple Vision Pro are safe and recommended, and what ways are not.

"Do not use isopropyl alcohol, Windex, Clorox, or similar products to clean the hard, nonporous surfaces of Apple Vision Pro," begins the document, this this anti-disinfectant warning highlighted at the top of the page.

Only just below that comes a short section about the polishing cloth that comes with the Apple Vision Pro, and the advice to keep it in a clean place. "Backpacks, handbags, pockets, and other places might contain particles that could scratch your device," it explains.

Beyond that, there are ten different sets of cleaning instructions, ranging from how to wipe the front cover glass, to how to look after your polishing cloth.

Most of the instructions are step-by-step ones regarding how to remove an item, such as a Light Seal, and then clean it. Others, such as the cover glass, get only a quite cursory description of wiping down the surface.

The Zeiss Optical Inserts get the least detail — Apple simply refers owners to the instructions that came with these inserts.

Some of the detail for other elements will be familiar to Apple Watch owners who've had to clean those devices, too.